Waiting for Fall

Hey Y'all! I'll just begin by saying I know some of you are NOT ready to look at Fall décor yet but please bear with me. Here in Florida, we dream of this time of year when we can actually go outside and not break out into a full sweat. LOL I just got excited! ;)

This year for my Fall mantle, I wanted to bring in some fun thrifted vintage mirrors, warm wood tones, and that classic color that resonates with this time of year... a deep shade of orange that would play well off of my black wall (Sherwin Williams, Tricorn Black).

First, to begin hanging these pieces, I laid the artwork on the floor to give me a visual.

Hanging wire was really helpful here also, so that the pictures can pull from the wall and have space to layer. (I realize this description isn't the best... but I really hope that it helps.) In the picture below you'll notice how the boards are just stacked together (held with hot glue) on the back of one side of the frame. This helps balance the frame so it remains level against the wall.

These pillows were Homegoods finds. The orange plaid was from last year and the black moody floral was a recent purchase and I'm lovvvving them.

The black candle stands were cut from a bed frame my parents were getting rid of and as most of you know, the mantle itself was made from a headboard and footboard.

I just love creating cozy spaces in our home and you know what, my boys love to sit in here. It just reminds me that homemaking is so meaningful. When we take time and put effort into the spaces we live in, it creates a sense of security, warmth, and togetherness.... So, just imagine two tall teenage boys with pillows here and there, feet up on the old tool chest with shoes piled on the floor. Nicely staged pictures are so fun for me to style, but my favorite view will always be of my sweet boys lounging in their "Momma's sitting room."

Until next time my friends, I'll just be lighting my candles and waiting for Fall.

Many blessings,

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