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Hey Friends! Yesterday, while on a Target "Mom stroll" with my coffee in hand, I spotted in the corner of my eye my beloved black and white buffalo check wallpaper. Whaaaa? My Target has never carried this in store before! I've almost ordered it like 100 times... Ok, maybe not that much, but you get my excitement here... I did what every DIY~buffalo check~obsessed gal would do, grabbed the two rolls and made a run for the checkout. After putting them in the back seat of my car, the ideas started rolling in... Where could I use this in our house? Aha! The kitchen. It could use a little spice. ;)

After looking on YouTube for a few minutes, I dove in. Beginning on the far right side of the wall, I measured the first piece and added a couple inches for a slight overhang. Because this is a temporary wallpaper and adjustable, it seemed less intimidating.

The tools I used were:


Yard stick/ Straight edge

Measuring tape

Utility knife

To smooth bubbles, I used my hands. (You could use a wallpaper brush if you want to get fancy. ;)

As always, this project is Ted approved.

This area took both of the rolls with just a couple feet of paper leftover.

Working around the countertop was a little tricky but I tried to take my time and only cut the paper when I was certain my line was straight. For the rounded corners, I took my straight edge and created a line for my stopping point. As for the arch, it was a slow careful cut. Even with some of these funky areas, this project took two hours from start to finish.

I just love the way it turned out. This temporary wallpaper is designed for a more flat, less textured surface, but from a distance the texture really isn't that noticeable. It's not perfect but such a fun addition and the best part is, it can be changed without much fuss. (We all know that's going to happen at some point.) Hahaha!

Thanks so much for stopping by today y'all! I pray you have a wonderful rest of your week! Happy Projecting!


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