Jord Watch Review & Giveaway

Wow friends~ I’m feeling fancy today and I can’t wait to tell you why! LOL My love for DIY/Woodworking led me to find out more about this wood watch company called Jord. Pronounced “Yode,” I’m sharing that piece of information because I found it quite interesting, my southern accent would’ve butchered it royally. Jord is based in St. Louis, where they are constantly developing new designs. Another attractive quality about Jord is that their watches are made from natural & largely reclaimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.

My selection:

First of all, I had trouble picking a favorite from JORD’s website, because they are all equally impressive and beautiful. The quality and style is clearly trend setting versus other wood watch brands I’ve seen. The watch I chose is the Cora Polaris in walnut and midnight blue with rose gold.

The Cora Polaris has a drive system that is a self-winding automatic, meaning there is no need for a battery… Hallelujah! It has 21 jewels, sapphire crystal glass, and carries the Citizen Miyota 6T28. This watch is also able to be customized with personalized engraving and sizing. What a relief that I didn’t have to take my watch to be sized, it fits me perfectly straight from the box.

I am your average t shirt and jeans girl, but this watch piece is perfect for me because it works with my casual attire or when I dress up for Church or a date night.

Every watch comes with a one year warranty and free shipping worldwide, making this an excellent gift for your loved ones. I would highly recommend Jord to anyone that enjoys accessorizing their style with a quality piece of art. That’s what I feel like these watches are… a work of art.

Giveaway Info:

Here’s the part I’m really excited about! Jord wants to give one of you a $100 towards a new watch from their site.

To Enter:

It’s easy peasy~ Follow this link, fill out the exclusive form, and done! I can’t wait to see who the winner will be, so enter today!

Blessings friends,

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