Modern~Vintage Hall Bath

Sometimes projects creep along and this one sweet friends... is such a project. Good gravy, it feels like we've been working on this hall bath since January, so let's begin with the before picture!

After 14 years it was time for a refresh & upgrade... it was time for DEMO DAY!!!

After Clay and I ripped out the cabinet, toilet, and tile, we could see a clean slate. It was exciting to get into design mode for this space.

I have to say, my husband Clay did such an amazing job on this tile work. It wasn't an easy task to work all day at his regular job and then come home in the evenings to tile. He is such a hard worker and I'm so thankful for him and the way he loves us. Love you Clay!

Another important thank you goes to my Dad. I think he might be in all of my blog posts now. lol Without his help we couldn't have pulled this one off, not kidding. He is always there to help and I so appreciate and love him.


We decided to use the same 4 x 8 subway tile that we used in the previous bathroom remodel. We purchased this at Lowe's Home Improvement. It's just slightly bigger than average subway but I love the scale of it for this space. Clay laid the tile with a very small grout line, almost none actually. For the grout we used DeLorean gray.


Let's talk about this floor tile for a minute... because it may be my favorite element of the room. This is called, Geometro Mini Hex Recycled Glass Mosaic tile. The pattern is called Bourges, in Classic Colorway. My supplier is Alchemy Materials LLC, New York, NY. I found an old antique patterned tile and searched everywhere but no one seemed to carry exactly what I envisioned... until one day while doing a google search I found this and contacted the owner of the image and that led me to Alchemy. Such a professional and helpful company, they worked with me over the phone to place my order and I couldn't be happier. I will admit, it was a bit of a splurge, so we adjusted other items in the room accordingly. ;)


Another favorite in this hall bath remodel is our wall mounted vintage reproduction sink by NBI Drainboards. Isn't she perty? Can you believe she is fiberglass y'all? Yep, not cast iron... NBI has other sizes and colors to choose from as well. They were great to work with, and recommended the faucet and fittings that fit perfectly too. The faucet is by American Standard. The bottom piping was designed by my Dad. ;)

Oh you sweet little antique medicine cabinet... you stole my heart and sure beat the price of a new shelving unit I loved from Pottery Barn. Plus, you are cute as a button with character. :)

Accessorizing and styling was just so fun. This bathroom doubles as our son Luke's bathroom and serves guests when we have visitors. Balancing masculinity with hospitality, and wanting the space to feel warm and inviting was my goal. It was such a joy to do. (At the end of this post, I'll source links.)


What can I say, I change my mind occasionally! Lets just say the third one was the charm. This pendant came from Lightstyle of Orlando. Seeing a light in person and changing bulbs helps to decide if it will work in your space. That's what I find difficult when buying online. Our wall mount was also off so this is the solution and I have again my guys to thank for helping me get it done.


Man, I love it when I "shop the house'' and it works out. In this case this antique dresser mirror that I had tucked away in our garage fit perfectly in here. (I told Clay it pays to hoard...sometimes. ;) This was also a little DIY. I painted the mirror in Amy Howard one step paint in black and also added the little shelf to the base.


This is where the builder grade medicine cabinet was. After measuring the space, I built this little cubby shelf out of basic lumber, wood glue, and brad nails. Filled with wood putty, sanded and painted it with the same wall color.


It's actually an antique mantel that I picked from a salvage yard. Wanting to bring in something interesting to draw the eye up and anchor the space with an architectural piece (like a wood beam), this helped achieve both. I gave it a coat of Ready Strip to remove the shiny sheen so it has a more relaxed and rugged feel. Also, the wood element compliments and warms the black and white. It is one of my go to combos! The shower curtain rods are just tension rods tucked up underneath the wood. (The wood is also sealed to help resist against moisture.)

Accessory sources: *Some of these contain Affiliate Links.

*Three tiered basket stand

*Wood stool ~ Homegoods

*Black and White towel set

*Antique Medicine Cabinet


*Fern planter

*Shower curtain ~ (96" regular curtain panels from Homegoods)



*Floor Tile

*Wall Tile

*Pendant Light


*Patent Print Wall Art

*WASH Letters

*1234 Hooks

*Back Brush

*Wall Color

*Hanging Succulent Planter~ Walmart

*Toilet paper Stand

*Bamboo Bath Mat

Friends, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Honestly, it feels really amazing to be done with these two bathrooms. I'm not a professional plumber, electrician, or tile installer, without the help of my Dad (Glenn) and Clay, it wouldn't have been possible.

I'd love to know what y'all think about this one. Let me know in the comments! Have a great week friends!


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