Easy DIY Chalkboard

Hey friends, I have a new DIY coming at ya today. This giant chalkboard is an easy project that can be made with just a few tools. As always, there are many ways to build these and this is just one way.


4 x 8 Sheet of 1/4 inch underlayment plywood

(3) 1 x 6 pine boards (front frame)

(4) 1 x 2 select pine boards (front frame)

(3) 1 x6 pine boards (for back frame... we used scrap we already had)

Chalkboard paint


Early American stain



Brad Nailer

Wood Glue

D-Rings & Screws (hanging hardware)


First, I painted the 4 x 8 sheet of plywood with three coats of chalk board paint. Letting each coat dry before adding the next.

My handsome helper stained the frame boards in Minwax Early American.

To build the actual board, we turn the plywood over right side down. We measured and cut our scrap boards, glued them down and attached with nails to hold in place. Let set for a little while for the glue to setup. (These boards are mainly being used for the top frame to nail into...)

Turning the board back over right side up. We then add the 1 x 6's first to the top and bottom by applying glue again and attaching with nails.

Next, we measured the two side pieces and attached them just like the others.

Now to frame the entire board! We took the 1 x 2's, measured, cut, and attached with glue and nails. (These boards could be whatever size you'd like.)

Finally, we attached the hanging hardware. :)

To cover the nail holes or more like, disguise them... I fill the holes with a drop of stain and wipe away.

These giant chalkboards can be functional but also a great way to fill a large wall and add warmth and character. This one transformed a classroom at our Church!

This is basically the same way I also built this other chalkboard in our home office. (Just a couple of slight size adjustments.)

I hope you'll give this project a try. These chalkboards can be customized to any size or color that you can dream up~ so do you think you'll try and make one?

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends!


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