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Thank you guys for taking such an interest in this room. I had so many messages asking about the process I used to transform this antique tiger oak table, so I thought I'd share that with you today. Hint... there's a secret ingredient! But first, lets look at the BEFORE!!!

I fell in love with this table at one of my favorite antique stores. Such a beauty but the orange tinted stain made it appear a little dated, so I decided to paint the base of the table and strip the top.

We removed the top of the table and brought it outside to work on it. This process can be pretty messy and I prefer to not use any strong chemicals in our house if I can help it.

First, this is the stripper I chose: (Click picture for link.)

Using a chip brush, give it a hefty coat of stripper. Don't be shy!!!!

Once it sat for just a few minutes, you can see the color changing underneath. Then start scraping away. (This is quite fun... ok, I might just be weird, but really~ it is satisfying!) LOL

You guys!!! This is where the secret ingredient comes into play! This product right here, good ol' Soft scrub with bleach. Simply apply on a damp sponge or rag and work it into the grain. Let sit for a couple of minutes and then wipe off with a clean lightly damp rag. Then, I let it dry out in the sun. It really helped to remove any leftover residue from the stripper and bleach out those orange tones.

The next step you can probably guess! Sanding! Once the table was completely dry, I began with 80 grit sand paper and moved up to finer grits until I was happy with the raw, natural look.

This is the Orbital sander I use, along with the sanding discs. (Click pictures for links.)

This next part, y'all may not like... I didn't seal it guys! Nope, I still haven't. In the future I may give it a coat of Clear wax or possibly hemp oil. I just don't want to risk the orange look reappearing.

For the base of the table, I went with Annie Sloan's Chalkpaint in Graphite. Graphite is more of a slate or charcoal color. Thinking of the chalkboard in the space, I thought it might look nice with it. Y'all, confession time... I still haven't sealed the table base either. lol I may and I may not. I kind of like the powdery matte look to the paint right now, so we shall see.

This little table took on quite the transformation, and I think she looks up to date, but still classic, and slightly more modern... so much better. Thanks again for following along on this office project! Oh, and here is an updated look with the new area rug by Boutique Rugs. They have the most beautiful selection online~ You can shop the link here.

I hope you guys have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend!


*This blog post contains affiliate links.

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