Home Office Remodel: Part 1 Plywood Floors

I am really excited to share this project with you guys! This is our home office and once upon a time, our homeschool room. A room I haven't shared much with you because it has been the room where clutter and all paper & junk goes to die... kidding but not really. Extra books, school supplies, old computers, etc... not much to show. It was the room that overwhelmed me, and I'd rather shut the door and not deal with. Finally, it was time to face the fact that mostly all of the things in this space needed a new home. There were days of sorting, giving, and throwing away of all of the unnecessary stuff and it felt great!

Now that we cleaned out this room, it was time to decide what this space would be used for. We needed a home office space where the boys could do homework and projects, Clay could work or study and I can blog. In this part one of our makeover, I'm sharing two main things this room desperately needed; lighting and flooring.

Lighting was definitely lacking in this space. It was so dark in here y'all! My Dad and Clay made it happen by installing these recessed lights. They did a fantastic job, I'm so thankful for them! This is what they used.

Next, the floor: Why? Why did we decide to plank our floors in here with plywood? Well, ever since I can remember perusing through a Southern Living magazine as a teen, I always marveled at painted hardwood floors. The kind you find in old farmhouses with wide and worn planks. Perfectly imperfect ~Oh the charm they exude. This is what I wanted to try in here. I researched how we could achieve this look but at a budget friendly cost. There is so much information out there on plywood flooring. Pinterest, YouTube, and google are just a few sources that I used when researching. Most begin with plywood subflooring that you can nail into but in our case, we have to deal with a concrete slab foundation. This made me question how I would do this... I talked to a friend in the construction industry at church and he gave me this idea... I am so glad it worked!

The plywood we chose:

5 (4 x 8 sheets) for our 144 square foot room.

Slightly over 1/2 inch thick, our Home Depot cut it down into 8 Inch planks.

Next, I sanded the planks with 80 grit sandpaper, turning the sander at an angle to make a slight beveled edge to each plank for a more authentic look. (I will be honest, this took me two days to do. Not the most enjoyable job but important to ensure a smooth finish.)

First, to prep, I cleaned the floor thoroughly. Then, to make sure I wouldn't have moisture get to the wood, I used this Drylok Clear product on the concrete slab. Let dry overnight.

After the floor was prepped, I brought in the planks and began laying them out in a random design. Not wanting the floor to look like a row of planks, instead I was trying to achieve an old worn and imperfect historic look, so I cut some short and left others long, varying the lengths.

Once the boards were laid out, I attached them to the floor using this Fast Grab adhesive. Using a knotched floor trowel to apply the glue and pressed into place.

Some of the boards were slightly bowed and required a concrete screw (Tapcon). To do this I used a hammer drill to make a pilot hole then countersunk these screws into the board. Then I could fill the holes with wood putty, sand, and paint over.

It was pretty exciting that this part was done... and the fact that it actually worked! :)

To prime the floor, I used two coats of Zinsser Primer.

To keep the lines defined in between the planks, I used a putty knife to cut the paint while still wet. (There will be a threshold piece here soon between the tile and wood. Another reason I chose to go with a painted floor~ it doesn't compete with this tile here in the foyer.)

The wall & floor color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster but I had it slightly altered on the walls by 80% which is why there's a slight gray undertone to the wall. The floor paint is Behr Porch and Patio Floor paint in Alabaster. It has a low lustre and I'm in love!

*Side note~ I can't say how this floor might do in a wet environment (kitchens or baths) because I haven't tried that and not exactly sure I would recommend it. There are other friends that have this throughout their homes including their kitchens and love it. I just thought I'd add this in... ;)

The baseboards will go back on this week. I will also be working on DIY wall décor in here, that I will share, adding furniture and decorative touches. I will also have one more large project in this room beginning in a few more weeks. Let's just say... Storage!!!

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. I am so excited you're here!


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