A Look Back

Hello friends, I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer so far! We have been enjoying our summer days of no schedules, sleeping in, and pancakes at 10 a.m. We know all too soon, school will be in session and life will resume to busy activities and routines.

I thought it might be fun to take a look back to a couple of years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. Our home was 13 years old, when we decided to remodel. We removed a wall, ripped up ceramic tile, cut a concrete trench to move plumbing... it was quite the project. We didn't do this one alone, but we did do much of the work ourselves. I believe that it is key when taking on a remodeling project, finding the right experts to do the jobs they do best... and DIY the jobs that may seem a little challenging at first but grow your skill set in the process. So, with that said... here we go, a blast from the past... ahhh, I can taste the dust already... ;)

This is what our kitchen looks like today.

This is how it looked in 2016.

The wall in front of where I was standing, is the wall we removed. Also, I can't say that I was sad about tearing out that brown countertop ;)

This is the back of that same wall, the refrigerator was on the other side of it. We were excited to open up this space that would provide a better flow for our family.

Surprisingly, our floor tile came up relatively easy, we also salvaged what we could of the existing cabinets, but with the poor quality, they mostly fell apart as we removed them. We did have a dumpster on site to haul the debris away.

When the wall came down we were already thrilled with the decision, no turning back.

If you look straight ahead, in this picture, you can see where our dining room used to be which is now the sitting room.

Here you can see where the plumbing for the sink was moved to. Cutting concrete inside, creates dust that is difficult to control. Worth it? Absolutely. ;) We also had to replace this window so that the cabinetry would fit below.

Lots of painting after the drywall was patched up.

Our cabinets are from Tru Cabinetry. Solid wood construction and budget friendly. To save money our Dad's helped us pick them up from the local warehouse and our handy man installed them.

We went with this shadow box design on the front of the island. Because the kitchen is open to the rest of the house, I wanted to have clean lines.

The Shiplap on the back wall had to be reinstalled after the cabinetry and new window was set.

Our electrician was used to doing custom work, we worked together laying out the plan for lighting placement etc. and Clay was so patient holding up these large pendants so the height was just right. :)

We purchased our backsplash tile from Lowe's. It's a handmade brick style subway tile. I wrote about building the oven vent hood here if you're interested.

Our floating shelves were a labor of love, first building these E brackets, to act as the supports inside the floating shelves.

I love looking back at a project that was a dream years ago and today we are so thankful it's done and our family can enjoy it. Yes, it is consuming & of course messy when you are remodeling... but my advice is to keep your eye on the prize and know it will be worth it. Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to stop in and reminisce with me!


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