Farmhouse Laundry Room Favorites

Happy Wednesday! As you may know, I've been working on remodeling our laundry room, that also means finding a few new accessories to add to the space. On my hunt for goodies, I thought it might be fun to share these favorites with you. All of these pictures are linked, so if you're interested in finding out more about one of these items, simply click on the picture. This also helps me gather my ideas in one space, kind of like an idea or mood board.

These canisters feel classic to me. I would store items like, detergent booster, dryer sheets, and clothespins.

I love both of these carts, the first one to slide underneath my countertop, and the second one to use for storage, and it's super adorable! ;)

This drying rack has been on my radar for years, there is one similar in the Ballard Design catalog, but this one is more budget friendly.

I think it goes without saying, these are my favorite rugs. They're washable and affordable!!!

Every space needs words... so my sister in law, Kelly says... ;) I love this sign. It's classic and vintage inspired. My favorite.

This canister would be so cute & useful... It even has a cup for dispensing!

I am in love with these vintage inspired clothespins.

Lastly, wire baskets are a favorite because of their versatility. Whether storing rolled up towels, displaying faux plants, or cleaning supplies, these would serve any laundry space well.

Thanks for swinging by today to see some of my favorite farmhouse themed laundry room goodies. Now I need to get back to work to finish this space up! Reveal coming soon!


*These items contain affiliate links through Amazon.

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