Painted Floor Tile, say what?

Friends, I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Paint can do wonders!!! Case in point... our laundry room floor tile. It's actually in great shape, but tends to be dark and honestly kind of blah... It doesn't really help that this room doesn't get much natural light, making it difficult for it to feel bright and clean. It was time to change things up in here, so I decided to give painting it a try. First, I had to choose which paint was right for the job?

The Paint I chose:

Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Why? Annie's paint is consistently my favorite for many jobs. It doesn't have a harsh smell, doesn't require a primer, provides excellent coverage, and I love her colors. Chalk paint was my choice here for those reasons and because I knew that I'd like to distress the finish before I sealed it. Giving it a old classic worn look. Because the walls are Benjamin Moore Simply White which I'll talk more about soon, I wanted to find a coordinating floor paint color. I achieved this by mixing 1/3 part of Old White to 2/3 part Pure White.

Prep Work:

The surface needs to be clean! First, I vacuumed the whole area very well, and then used hot soapy water to scrub it. Let it dry, and then you are ready for paint.


For a durable seal, I used Annie's Lacquer. This is made specifically for the floor and dries clear which is important to know when using over white.


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Lacquer

foam roller

cut in brush

painting trays

sand paper

spackle spreader

The Process:

After cleaning, I applied 3 coats of paint. Making sure the paint was dry to the touch before I started the next coat.

Next, to achieve the worn look I desired, I wrapped sand paper around a spackle spreader, and began to sand in the grooves or grout lines to create that aged finish. (I did not sand the surface of the tile, only in the cracks...) The spreader has a straight edge that helps get in the lines. (I first tried a piece of sand paper folded up. It kept losing its shape so this is when I discovered wrapping it around the spreader.)

Once the floor was distressed, I used a vacuum to gently clean up all the dust.

The last step was applying the lacquer. I used two coats applied with a foam roller, making sure there was significant drying time in between coats. (4 to 5 hours) We waited overnight after the final coat before walking on the floor. The Lacquer enriches the color by deepening it and finishes in a soft matte sheen.

(I'm not exactly sure why there is vinegar and a butter knife on my stool, but anyway...) ;)

First coat.

After second coat.

After Lacquer.

How to clean:

For regular cleaning, I will vacuum and use a mild soap and warm water.

Price Breakdown:

Annie Sloan Chalk paint: $37 per quart (2)

Annie Sloan Lacquer: $55

Painting supplies: (mostly already had, but did buy sand paper $3 and a new spackle spreader $1.50)

*I understand that this brand of chalk paint is more expensive than some, but I can also testify of the quality of the product. I still have some of the paint and lacquer left over as well. Not bad for $150 investment.

Y'all I love this tile now!!! I cannot wait to finish up this laundry room makeover. It is still a work in progress but It already feels so much brighter in here. Stay tuned for some more fun projects in this space! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


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