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We all know how one project leads to another... Right?! I think that story could go on and on in our house, so when I just got done building our DIY Farmhouse TV Cabinet, the other wall was in need of attention. I wanted to keep it simple and display our family photos, but this wall also needed a little lighting. I follow so many lovely creators on Instagram and the other day I came upon Brooke @nestingwithgrace. She used a battery operated puck light inside of a lighting sconce, this way it wouldn't need to be hardwired. Genius! Also, it doesn't have to be permanent. (Annnnddd, we all know how often things get moved around here.) Seemed like a perfect solution to me, but could I get it to actually work and look good? Hmm. I had to find out!

First, I purchased these gooseneck sconces from Lowe's Home Improvement. I envisioned black, so I also purchased black spray paint. ~Painted these little guys and let them dry for a few hours.

After deciding on basic black picture frames (these are very similar) and the pictures to go in them, I positioned the frames on the wall. Once the frames were hung, my sconces were dry and ready to install. I installed the hanging hardware first, then got to work on the "light trick." You can find the battery operated lights that I used here, they also come with a convenient remote control. To make the light puck stay up inside the sconce, I used these Velcro fasteners. The package says it holds up to three pounds. Honestly, I had my doubts this would work and have to say, I was amazed, it's worked perfectly!

Everything was going fine but I did run into a bit of a pickle with my light fixture mount shown above. When I mounted the bracket to the wall, there was a bit of space left between the bolt and the cap. A simple solution I found at the hardware store, was to stack four washers by threading them through the bolt so that the cap will tighten down. Or you could find shorter bolts. (Hope this makes sense!)

Y'all, I am so excited this room is shaping up... so happy I have pictures of my babes on the wall! ;) I might add a small ledge under these three pictures so that I can add more family photos. Another day...

This settee is from our bedroom... I love shopping the house and moving things around!

Took this shot in the evening so that you can see what kind of light these give off. Soft white, with just the right amount of light. These are a winner in my book. I hope that you'll give this light trick a shot somewhere in your home! Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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