DIY Farmhouse TV Cabinet

Well friends, I'm so excited to share this project with you all. Initially, I had grand thoughts of how this "simple project" would only take me a few days to do. Not until actually diving in and getting started, did I realize, oooohhh ok, nope, this is a week and a half long deal. The challenge was on.

Before, I jump into the details... let me back up a little. I've been craving a simpler look in our family room, and bringing the TV to our fireplace mantle seemed like the way to go. Actually, our house plan was originally set up for the TV to go on the mantle (lighting placement etc.). I fought that idea when we moved in (13 years ago) because I wanted big ol furniture back in the day. "Bring me all the huge wall units please!" Can y'all relate? After the massive wall unit phase, I built a barn sliding door TV console which you guys have probably seen... I assure you it won't go to waste, we will reuse that in another room.

Now, with having an open concept home, I find it important for the main living spaces to flow with one another. My goal is to eliminate the clutter and excess furniture, for the décor to be easy on the eyes and not look too busy. Clay was on board with moving the TV, with that said, it was full steam ahead...

On to the build:

For our TV and sound system to fit properly behind closed doors which was the look I was going for, I knew I needed to build out the mantle and create a cabinet above. I sketched out a basic drawing and got to work making my measurements and gathering supplies.

I began at the mantle, that way I knew the depth I needed at the base and above. I measured our TV equipment thoroughly and based everything off of that. Even using a pencil to map out on the mantle where the speaker system would sit. I then started building the surround over the existing mantle. After building a simple frame, I used birch plywood to create the surround. Next, I moved onto the legs, this time using select pine, and finally installing the frame for the upper cabinet. One half inch plywood was used for the upper cabinet.

Once the basic cabinet was completed, I worked on building the doors, using again, half inch plywood. Wood trim was a big player here to frame out the doors, the door opening, and mantle. Trim can make a plain plywood door look as custom as you'd like. I envisioned this X design and once I completed it on the doors, it only made sense to carry the same design on the mantle. Some experts might chide me for not using a more expensive type of wood for my doors, but this worked just fine and within budget. The corbels are antique finds from Etsy and they are attached with screws. After patching, caulking, and sanding, the whole piece was painted in Alabaster, satin finish, by Sherwin Williams. (The same as our shiplap walls.)

The brick was another DIY. To achieve this "German Schmear or smear" look, I used a product called Presto Patch by DAP. Scooped it into a ziplock bag, piped into the grout lines of the brick, then scraped it with a drywall spatula. I am really pleased with how the brick turned out, it seems so much cleaner and brighter.

This project really stretched me y'all. I learn by doing (don't we all?), so it's important to try, fail sometimes yes, but keep trying. That's probably why this one took me a while, haha lots of learning happened. If I made a wrong cut, messed up a board (yep those stinking mitered cuts), it needed to be done again. Frustrating at times, but in the end, it was satisfying that I was able to fix it and move on.

As far as the electrical piece of this project, my husband, Clay was the man for the job. He purchased this wall mount for our TV that enables us to swivel and tilt the TV up and down, and it has worked out perfectly. Love that man!

As with any project, I can point out mistakes and flaws, it is not perfect.... and was wayyyy more of a challenge than I anticipated, but I'm still very proud of it. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at it from a different angle and try again. Thanks so much for stopping by here today to read about this latest project... and Praise the Lord, it's done!

Blessings friends,

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