Greenhouse Inspired Porch

I am so excited to share our back porch with y'all today. It's looked pretty sad throughout the winter time, so when Spring arrived, it was time for a change. It was so much fun this past weekend to bring new life to this space. I'll try my best to walk you through my thought process to redecorating and building this greenhouse inspired look.

We moved my DIY table out here first, along with the chippy cubby that is one of my favorite Antique finds. Once those were in place, the plain stucco wall was glaring back and I knew we needed to mask it with a large statement piece.

After rummaging through our garage in my stash of leftover booth and project pieces, I brought out two vintage dark green shutters, a window insert from a door, a recent chalkboard find... These could be something... maybe even something reminiscent of a greenhouse type look.???

Aha moment! Time to go to work... First, I attached the shutters to the large white table by very basic means, using scrap wood and screws.

Next, I braced the two together on the top by using the same, more scrap wood and screws. (This whole piece would be painted white, so I didn't really mind using whatever I had on hand.)

The next part proved slightly more challenging. How could I use this window to create an awning, to give some dimension...? Looking through all of my hardware bins and finding what could possibly work... I went with simple door hinges. The first step was to attach them on the window. After figuring that out, it was time to determine the angle of the awning. I used more scrap wood to build these brackets. Then, it was time to put the awning in place. Clay held it up for me so I could screw the hinges into the board above.

The last details were painting the shutters, scrap wood, and window in Simply White, BM. The paint hides all of my random pieces and brings it cohesively together. Then, it was time to hang the chalkboard.

My trusty sidekick, Ted, watchin' Mama work.

Now, It was refreshing to decorate our porch. Using string lights to hang from the awning, pillows for the chairs and softening the black table with layering these two rugs (black and white) (Jute), sets the tone for our casual porch space. We love plants and I currently have a slight obsession with lavender. It only made sense to use them here. I'd like to add more low light loving plants and succulents to the cubbies.

I am a firm believer that art can be expressed in various ways throughout the home. This piece is no exception. Haha, It may take a fellow art lover to appreciate it lol, but that's ok. Each of our homes can be a unique expression of who we are, what we love, and makes us feel happy. Thank you all for taking the time to read about this project. Much love to you dear friends. I pray your week is filled with blessings, you all are truly one of mine.

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