Adding Interest with Moldings

Ahhh, it's done! The black moody wall got a little jewelry to finish her off, and Mama is happy! It feels complete now. Yes, there will still be decisions on what will be hung on the wall, lighting sconces, etc., but for today, it feels good just to get this molding project checked off the list.

Materials I used for this project:

*Molding of choice (This is 1 1/4 inch Pine molding)

*Miter box and hand saw (a miter saw would be preferable but my little miter box worked fine as well, arm workout for the win.)


*DAP Molding and Trim Sealant

*Measuring tape & pencil

*Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer (This can be done with liquid nails or other air type nail guns, or even a hammer and nails if that's what you have available to you.)

*Aaaaand just a reminder, I'm not an expert, this is just my way to do it... :)

Once I knew the look I was going for... (one larger center box, and two more narrow boxes on each side) the first step was finding the center of the wall, Horizontal/Vertical. (My parents dropped by to help me measure, thanks Mom and Dad.)

Using the center measurements, I placed a piece of tape to mark the sides of my box and worked with the level to pencil a plumb line. This is pretty important to make sure that your boxes will be square.


Before attaching the first piece, I marked the center of the molding to match up to my center line. (The ceiling can be uneven sometimes, so it's best to follow your center of the wall instead.) Next, I marked where my 45 degree cuts would be on the molding, cut them with using the miter box and hand saw, then attached.

Repeating the same steps as above, I attached the right side of the center box. Next, I added the bottom trim piece by holding up the trim to the bottom of each side of the box, marking as precisely as possible, then made the cuts and attached using the Airstrike brad nailer.

You probably don't need this many nails in, LOL. Let's just say, it's not going anywhere.

To begin the second box, I decided on 6 inches to separate the boxes, and repeated the same steps as above. (You can see the faint pencil line I follow in the picture below.)

It felt good to learn & tackle something new, so I sat and took a break, with Ted standing guard, of course.

To finish up, I filled all the nail holes, and caulked around all the seams. Once dry, it was ready for paint. (This is Sherwin Williams, Tricorn Black.)

I hope you guys enjoyed watching the process. The molding seems to make the wall look more finished and classic to me. I'd love to hear what you think too.

Blessings friends,

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