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Friends, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me on my last post. Whether you commented here on the blog, Facebook, or Instagram, many of you shared your thoughts on the buffalo check wallpaper. I loved hearing all of the different ideas (y'all are so smart) and opinions everyone had. In the end, I decided not to do any wallpaper on this large wall. It felt like the room might get overwhelming and busy, especially with our open concept layout. I will, however, use it soon another project I have in mind.

These spaces aren't finished yet, but I wanted to share with you guys where we are on this little update. This view from the foyer shows how I'm trying to tie these spaces together.

This is the before. It was Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. I love this gray but as I explained in the last post, this wall needed a change. It needed to make a statement, that would flow with the new entry tile and shiplap. This is one of the challenges with an open concept home.

The black that we (ok, I confess, it was just me, Clay was a little surprised that day when he came home from work, lol. He is a trooper I tell ya.) chose to go with is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. I went with the SW Infinity line and can not say enough about the quality of this paint. It only took two coats for full coverage. For such a dark color, I was impressed. Loving the dramatic change on this wall, I've also used this on our front door. I'm noticing more black painted walls, are you? They were once frowned upon, thinking they would make a room appear smaller, but if used on one wall, they can actually make a space seem larger.

One thing about painting with deep colors is the importance of crisp edging. Usually I will use my brush to cut in but in this case, I used an edger tool.

These work great to give a straight and professional line. A tip here is to not dip the edger in the paint (at the risk of getting paint accidentally on the wheels), but to brush on the paint onto the edger.

These pieces may get moved around the house but have just landed here for now. I foresee a warm wood furniture piece, possibly an apothecary (a girl can dream...). A black wall with warm wood tones give me all the feels. Possibly bringing a touch of brass lighting too. These are lovely from Wayfair.

I should add that the paint is in a flat finish and provides a nice smooth sheen that gives off a clean & casual feel. I'm a big fan of flat paint!

Of course, what always happens when you change one thing... you know it, I didn't like the repose gray next to the black. I prefer a stronger contrast, so the rest of the room got two coats of Alabaster (Sherwin Williams)... and then Mama was happy.

For the next phase to finish up, I'd like to add picture box molding to the black feature wall. This will be something I've never done before but would like to try. Here are a few ideas found on Pinterest...



The idea of separating the two boxes with a chair rail seems like the best idea to me right now, but I'd love to hear what you guys think of this look? Stay tuned for a woodworking post, I'll be brushing up my mitering skills. This should be fun!

Drapes are on the agenda for the window as well. Buffalo Check might sneak on in here or maybe I'll be inspired by something else. Lol I'll keep you posted. Hope it's been a great week so far for you all.


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