Thrift store Chair Makeover

Real life post here folks. I'm the Mom that would really like for everything to be neat and clean, but I have to tell you that most of the days around here are pretty messy. With boys and a dog, we are bound to have them, right? Yes, I realize I'm the one with white slipcovered couches, but those can be thrown in the washer... Bleach and Oxyclean are my friends!

The problem area for a while has been our dining chairs. These were thrift store finds from a few years ago. I think I paid around $150 for all six chairs. I can't seem to find a tag to know where they're from but they're really good quality chairs. The upholstered seats have been the problem. I've cleaned them so many times with different products but the same stains would reappear or the same PB&J fingers would make their mark again. ;) Life happens. The solution I came up with is to either recover the seat which I've done before on other projects or take the seat off completely and replace it with a good old fashioned wood seat. This way I could wipe them off and get a cushion to pop on and wash when needed.

This project is pretty simple and can be done in a day or so with the right tools. The old plywood base became the template for the new wood seat.

The board I used came from Lowes. It's an inexpensive Spruce project board, so bracing undereneath the chair was necessary to make sure it would withstand any weight amount. Two of these boards cost $60, and would be enough for the six seats I needed.

The jigsaw once again became handy. First, I traced the existing plywood seat onto the project board and cut out with the jigsaw. Then I sanded the sides and all over and gave it a coat of early American stain. Once dried, I applied a coat of polycrylic to seal.

I knew I wanted to find a seat cushion that could be washed but one that would fit the shape of the chair. After looking high and low in my local area, I finally found one on Ballard Design's website. The one I chose was the medium basic cushion set with the black ticking stripe (love that farmhouse look). (There usually is a coupon code, so that helps!)

Hopefully this might inspire you to keep what you have and make it work for your needs. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them if I can! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday!


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