Love Song

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This verse paints a beautiful picture of how The Lord loves us. Isn't it amazing to think that He would sing over us, to rejoice in His beloved children in such a way. That kind of love can transform our view of ourselves and others. His love has the power to do that.

It can also remind us...

When our world seems overwhelming... He will quiet us with His love.

When the worry creeps in... He reminds us to trust Him, helps us recall what He's brought us through.

When the doubts come... He reminds us of faith~ as small as a mustard seed.

When the waiting seems so long... He strengthens our hearts and reminds us He is working.

HE is enough, All that we need! I must tell you friends, I am the one that can always use these reminders of His loving care... Always His child but constantly a work in progress... I am the UN~finished project, and I'm so thankful of His unfailing love. I pray we can all know of His great love for us today.

Blessings & Love,

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