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Happy Friday! As we are approaching Springtime, I love to find inspiration for our front door. I'm usually drawn to bright colors, something that looks fresh and welcoming. Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy are a few of my favorite places to go for inspiration. I thought it might be fun to share what I found with y'all today.

This is from Layla, at The Lettered Cottage. She put this together using florals from Hobby Lobby. I love how she uses the basket for her greenery with the touches of blueberry sprigs. So welcoming... and if you don't already follow Layla, I highly suggest it, she is so informative and kind.

The Inspired Room

Both of the above designs are from Melissa with The Inspired Room. She uses real flowers and greenery for her baskets and they are just so lovely. Magazine worthy for sure! She also suggests finding foliage from your yard that you can add to a basket. So fun!

This wreath is from Etsy and made by the shop, Two Inspire You. Their wreaths are lovely and are available for purchase. The lemons tucked inside the greenery backdrop is so fresh and the striped ribbon gives me all the feels. Very well done!

Another version of a lemon wreath is this one I found in an article by Foodista. I think I might need this one for my kitchen though. :) I love how they softened the lemons with the cascading vines. So pretty & fresh.

And while we are on the subject of citrus, this orange wreath is stunning, also from Two Inspire You. Being from Florida, citrus is historic and nostalgic for many and having it on a front door just seems right for so many reasons. :)

Oh my thrifty, junking heart is in love with these vintage bicycle wheel wreaths by Bloom Valley Market. The rusty salvage backdrop with these beautiful peonies, white queen anne's lace, and greenery softens the metal and provides that shabby but polished look I love.

These are available on their Etsy shop and I'm sure will be popular this season. All heart eyes for the backdrop of Barn wood on this picture. Bloom Valley Market.

I love the soft shades in this one... Bloom Valley Market I think it would also look great on an old door inside the house as well. I'm loving this new bicycle wreath style, which I know isn't for everyone, but I love recycling the discarded and creating a new purpose for it. It gets a big A+ in my book!

Finally, this gorgeous Eucalyptus & Peony wreath from you guessed it... Bloom Valley Market You can get lost in their shop on Etsy. I've always been one to make my own wreaths but I don't know, I may have to see about ordering one of these this year. They sure are gorgeous. Whether you use this post for inspiration or you find yourself ordering one of these works of art... I'd love to see what you choose for your door décor this Spring. Feel free to tag me in your pictures or add in the comments below.

Happy Friday sweet friends! May it be a lovely weekend for you all.


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