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Do y’all have that room in your house that you pass every day and say, “I’m so over this?” Our entryway/foyer has been speaking blah to me for a while now. It’s been the same for 13 years and I've just been waiting for the right time to give it some new life. The light fixture and flooring were on the top of my list to change out! I thought about painting the tiles, but Clay, who installed tile in College, wasn’t really on board with that choice. (I will have to try that out on another project, because I love that too.) We decided to go ahead and replace the flooring with a new tile.

When it came time to remove the old tiles, I just couldn’t wait. I was excited that it came up so easily too. In fact, most pieces came up without a crack. Fist pump, YES! Demo done! Thankful it wasn’t too bad although it did leave a nice cloud of dust in the rest of the house.

I played around with a few different styles of tile before I found this beautiful black and white patterned tile at Lowes Home Improvement. My boys helped me get it loaded and Clay led out in laying the new floor tile since he was the professional back in the day. He said he was a little rusty, but I think he did an amazing job. He helped each of our boys learn how to snap chalk lines, spread thinset, and place tile. I was proud. We all had a hand in this one, and that makes this Momma happy. Here are some progress pictures. Next up for me, quarter round molding along the baseboards, Ship lap on the walls, a new coat of paint on the front door and décor of course. I can’t wait to dive in… I’m so excited to share it all with you guys.

Watch video of the process HERE

Hope y’all had a great weekend friends, we feel like we need another one. 😉

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