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Repurposing furniture may just be some of my favorite types of projects. I love taking something others might discard and give them an update and make them useful again. This dresser had some damage, so I decided to repurpose it to a potting bench. I also had a beautiful but rustic antique door. In the process of deciding how I could join these two together, the door was caught in the wind while I worked outside. It crashed to the ground and broke apart. Ha-ha, well that’s a way to change plans. Plan B. I removed the pieces I could salvage and built a basic frame out of them using my Kreg jig. Next, I had to decide what would go inside of the frame. Pegboard was an idea; chicken wire was another thought? In the end, lattice seemed like a fun fit. I cut the wood lattice using my jigsaw & I used my Airstrike brad nailer to insert the lattice in the frame.

Next, I removed the dresser drawers from the dresser and began to attach the framed lattice on the top of the back of the dresser. I used scrap wood and screws to attach it.

Now I had to decide how I would paint this piece. I’m a huge fan of Annie Sloan and her Chalk paint. I love how she layers color and uses it to give a piece personality, age, and style. I wanted this piece to look worn and not so perfect as it would live outdoors anyway.

The day I worked on this project, I craved color expression and wanted to play with creating a fun and whimsical style for it. Annie’s Amsterdam green, pure white, Napoleonic blue, and Paris gray were the colors I used here. With the final coat, I added in sawdust (yes, different right?!) to give it a texture and worn look. After layering these colors on top of one another, I used a paint scraper and sand paper to expose the layers underneath. After wiping it down from the dust and distressing, I gave it a coat of water based Polycrylic for a protective seal.

Potting benches are fun to style too. The hooks & metal bins are from Hobby Lobby as well as the rug. I look forward to playing around with this one come Springtime which in Florida will be sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading about this one, it was sure fun.

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