I'd like a new saw for my Birthday, please!

I find it empowering when I can do something on my own, don’t you? For a long time, I would ask my husband or my dad for help on projects... and then I’d have to wait on them to do the things… :) They still help me sometimes, but when it comes to jobs I can do myself, it’s very rewarding.

When decorating a home, there are pictures to be hung, projects that you really wish you could tackle on your own… and if you’re like me, you’d like it done, yesterday. 😉 This is when basic tool knowledge comes in handy. I’ll tackle more how to’s later, but I wanted to share with you guys in this post, my favorite tools that I use most of the time.

Ryobi is my go to brand for tools and can be found at your local Home Depot. They have made their products in a user friendly/non-intimidating way. I currently use the Ryobi 18 Volt AirStrike Brad Nailer, Circular Saw, and Orbital Jig Saw.

The interchangeable battery works in each of these too. This combo can get you started tackling simple DIY projects and more. Click on the links below for a little how-to video from Ryobi on all of the products shown above. If I can use these friends, so can you!

YouTube - Ryobi 18 Volt AirStrike Nailer

YouTube - Ryobi Circular Saw

YouTube - Ryobi Orbital Jig Saw

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