Chalk Paint LOVE

If you’ve followed my projects for a while now, you already know that I use Chalk paint on just about every piece of furniture and many of my DIY projects. It’s one of my favorites because…

  1. There is very little to no prep work. I basically wipe the piece down with a wet soapy rag and let dry before painting. Occasionally, a piece will need to be sanded or even primed, but that’s usually rare.

  2. It covers well. Sometimes one to two coats are all you need. Quick drying time is a plus too.

  3. Distresses nicely. I will usually sand or scrape to distress.

It does typically need to be sealed. There are waxes, top coats and even one of my favorites, a poly floor sealer. I think it varies which top coat I choose depending on the piece. For example, dining table tops call for a more durable top coat (I use a poly on these). A dresser or a decorative mirror can easily accept a wax for a durable seal.

There is much more to say about this type of paint and I’m no expert, I just like to pass on a good thing. 😉

There are many different brands that I use, but here are two I love...

Below are some of my favorite chalk paint makeovers.

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