SHIPLAP! Ok, it's not really shiplap...

Why do I love this look so much? It’s a funny story… maybe a long one, EEP! Y’all, I once was a habitual wall painter. Painter of all the walls, I was. What color you ask? ALL of them, haha! Our first home, at one time, was a different color in every room, and I may even had been proud of that, sadly. Oh, and a theme to boot! I’ve always been a lover of color, but I was over choosing wall colors, faux sponge painting and stenciling. Yep, I had all of that going on…

Anyway, back to the present. When I first watched Joanna Gaines (from HGTV’s Fixer Upper, pretty sure everyone knows this, but I’ll add it just in case. 😊) use real shiplap walls in her designs, I was intrigued. They were painted white. Simple, classic, rustic, it was all there.

  • This design choice, for me, offered a break from color choices in our home. I could use this technique on the walls and bring in the warmth, color, and texture I love with textiles and furniture pieces.

  • It reminded me of the older homes I’ve visited, simple farmhouses in Alabama where my Dad’s family lives, filled with good memories.

  • It gives the feeling of character to a space, like there’s a history here. That’s why I love the imperfections left in. Knots and all.

  • Boy, don’t ya just love that Joanna!

The question then became, how do I recreate those planks in our home built in 2005? We sure didn’t have beautiful old planks lining these walls. I found a few tutorials and went from there. After doing an entire wall with a hammer and finishing nails, yes, I did that. My man hooked me up with a Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer which is now one of my favorite tools. The material I used is called Plywood underlayment. Its ¼ inch thick. Home Depot cut mine into 6-inch strips. They’re the only big box store I’ve found that will do the cuts in store. Some charge a small fee for cuts, some don’t.

After bringing the boards home from the store, I sand all four edges because they usually are gnarly & splintery. (Is that a word?) Then I begin in the left upper hand corner of the wall and work from that direction. Watching for level spacing and placing the nails in every foot or so. After these were all finished, I filled the holes with wood putty, and sanded. I then used a Kilz primer and painted in my favorite white. I used Alabaster from Sherwin Williams in our living area, but chose Benjamin Moore’s Simply white for our bedroom.

Whatever you want to call it, shiplap, faux shiplap, planked walls, I love them. I know they aren’t for everyone, but for me, the chronic changer of all the things including wall colors… they give me rest. No reason to change my walls when I see a new beautiful color I’d like to try out. I buy the pillow instead or paint the closet. 😉 They offer that touch of rustic charm that can be found in old farmhouses of days gone by. Yep, they’re my jam.

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