If you dream it, you can build it!

When we decided to gut our kitchen, I knew I wanted to go with classic white. I love clean white kitchens but knew for my taste, I needed to warm it up with creating a focal point with color and texture. This led me to researching custom vent hoods. There were many choices out there but none really that would suit our budget. I love reclaimed lumber, barn wood, rustic, with lots of texture and character. This led me to Gleman and Sons and man they had a substantial selection. Within thirty minutes of looking in their warehouse I found a stack of hemlock or mushroom wood as some call it. It was perfect for our kitchen. It was different, interesting with knots and ridges, this would provide warmth to our all white kitchen.

At first, I tried to convince a friend of ours to build it for me. I didn't feel skilled enough as a woodworker to tackle such a project. He was very busy at the time and convinced me to at least try. Along with my husband’s encouragement, I gave it a go. What could go wrong I thought? I'd have to call in an expert?!

It helped that our handy man installed the vent to the wall first. My job was then to build a frame for the hemlock to be attached to. All the while keeping in mind, the weight of the hood (wanting it to be as lightweight as possible), also just in case we needed access to the mechanical parts of the vent some day or to replace it altogether if it broke. Therefore, the hemlock and frame is not touching the vent itself.

First, I built a very simple structure around the vent, focusing on the angle in which the planks would lead up to the ceiling. Once it was done, I then tested how the planks would be attached. I decided on keeping it simple, beginning in the front, I ran the planks starting on the bottom, laying the boards one on top of the other attaching them with my Ryobi airstrike brad nailer. Once all of the boards on the front were attached, I began the sides. The sides were a little tedious because each cut was slightly different. For this each board was brought in, measured, and brought back outside to cut, then attached.

The stain was a mix of a few colors to match the floating shelves.

To clean the vent hood, I use a wand vacuum attachment for dusting and I also wipe it down with a degreaser cleaner as necessary.

We just love this focal point in our kitchen, and I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a little bit more about how it came to be.

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