It's Faux!

I’m a big fan of old, chippy, antique fireplace mantles… many of us are right?! When we redesigned our bedroom this year, I ended up with a large blank wall and knew I wanted to add something cool to bring some sophisticated ambience to the space.

In my junking stash, I had these two old corbels that I thought would make a fun mantle. Along with two baseboard molding pieces, and the creative juices were flowing.

I measured the space on the wall to see how large I wanted to go. Not too large to make the room seem small, and not too small to make the mantle seem puny… The scale had to be right. I based my measurements of the cuts on that. After a trip to get a few pieces of wood, wood glue, and nails, I went to work.

After it was finished, I brought it back into the room to confirm how I would paint it. Classic white was the winner, and I went with Benjamin Moore Simply White. The same as the painted “faux shiplap.” Then I attached it to the wall with screws.

This has been a fun addition to the master bedroom and just having the few salvaged pieces gives it a look of authenticity. I recently went to an antique flea market and saw a talented maker using old ornate mirrors to produce a similar look. They looked amazing!

I’m always working on new ways to style this baby, its fun to give it a new look with just adding something different above it or underneath. These black and white mosaic tiles are actually plastic wall art squares from Hobby Lobby that we just laid on the floor. I have a few ideas in mind for inside the “fireplace,” I’ll keep y’all posted on that…

This past Christmas, our master bedroom was decorated for the first time and our mantle was my favorite part.

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